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Love My Horse Cookies

This is where you can get the BEST home-made horse treats, that are sugar free,
 low in carbohydrates,
loaded with flax
guaranteed your horse will love them,
and...they are cheap!


The perfect horse treat 

Now, they are also, without a doubt, the ugliest horse treat ever made. However, the horses do not seem to care what they look like. and they fit perfectly into pockets.     So, we love the look. :)  

These treats cannot be sold in Virginia.
do not have a product registrationlicense, have not passed a kitchen inspection within the Commonwealth of Virginia.  I am just a tiny, hobby type, horse treat baker. I live on a horse farm,  I have dogs & cats that live in our home. I have been making these treats over a decade for our own horses,  & my friends horses. Everyone loves them so much for their metabolic horses, it's the only treat they can have,  I've been encouraged to offer them to other horse owners. So..... the treats were sent off to a lab to be tested.     The results are below:

 plain beet pulp, rice, water, flour, organic ground flax seed, salt/baking soda & flavoring

Analysis performed by:

equi-analytical laboratories                                                         730 Warren Road, Ithaca, NY  14850

Lab Sample No: 19042110   Date Sampled: 03/05/2013
                                              Date Printed:   03/14/2013

       Results:     % moisture 9.3     % dry matter 90.7

                    Love My Horse Cookies  vs  Plain Beet Pulp

WSC (water sol. carbs)     12.7%                   10.7%
ESC  (Simple Sugars)        9.3%                      8.4%

Protein  10% (min)  Fat 1% (min)  Fiber 10% (max)
net weight - 16 oz. / 1 lb. (454 g.)

There is:

 No Corn ~ No Oats ~ No Fruits ~ 
        No Alfalfa Meal ~ No Molasses ~          No Preservatives
  NO SUGAR  No Kidding!

Sample of  Love My Horse Cookies

approx. 2 lbs   $7.00  + $8.00 shpg = $15.00

sample will be mix of flavors: vanilla, mint, maple

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